Service Model

At NovaVu, we understand every organization has different needs, and in order to meet those needs, we partner with you in three different ways:

1 – Project-based consulting

We provide expert advice and implementation services on a project basis – engage with us and let us work with you to facilitate the success of any given project, whether it is advisory, technical implementation, or a mix of all

2 – Staff augmentation

We provide skilled resources to help you meet your peak times and urgent tasks to run your business operations smoothly without adding unnecessary permanent headcount

3 – Managed services

We take away the day-to-day technical operations of your business to help you focus on the core capabilities that matter the most to you. We provide expert services and scale in the following areas:

  • Data engineering and DevOps
  • Data reporting and dashboards
  • Advanced data analytics

Service Areas

NovaVu is an end-to-end data services firm and, based on your needs, has an ability to engage with you in one and/or all the service areas listed below:

  • Data strategy
  • Data architecture and engineering
  • Data visualization and reporting
  • Advanced analytics

Data Strategy

Data strategy focuses on creating a holistic plan where data is at the center. Data strategy should not be limited to just choosing the right architecture and technology, but to maximize investments, it is important to think holistically from people and processes, organizational readiness and structures, and the right set of governance policies and control models. Our team of experts brings breadth and depth in strategic and technical multi-industry on-premise and cloud experience to help devise and implement actionable strategies.

Data Architecture & Engineering

The validity of data architecture is increasingly challenged with the evolution of data technologies and platforms. It is more important now then ever to align data architecture with an organization’s vision and strategies, as it provides a foundation upon which technical capabilities are built. We work with you to establish and/or understand your organization’s priorities and create the architectural and engineering principles to quickly collect, cleanse, store, manage, and utilize your data. Our team members specialize in architecting and implementing efficient data architectures and pipelines to support the end-to-end data life cycle processes.

Data Visualization

Data visualization is the key that opens doors to the insights hidden in terabytes of data stored in cold servers and helps business users get value from it. Effective data visualization is rapidly becoming a key competitive advantage. Our team of experts are well trained in employing advanced concepts, tools and techniques of data visualization to optimally analyze and visualize the data for you. Google Dashboard is characterized by its precision to zero into data specific to the problem, and we bring multi-industry experience to help create a meaningful dashboard that is easy to maintain going forward.

Advanced Analytics

If data is deemed as fuel for growth, advanced analytics is the engine that moves you ahead in today’s competitive era. Advancements in machine learning and AI are currently exploding exponentially and are revolutionizing the world we live in, regardless of industry and size of organizations. Our team members possess significant experience in advanced analytics, and in many instances, hold specialized and advanced degrees. Our innovative ideas and business knowledge combined with technical skills and experience make us unique to help you solve your business challenges.

We provide end-to-end

managed technology solutions